Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Dumpster Rentals in Wachusett

FAQ about Bin There dump That Dumpster Rentals

Yes, we can provide a dumpster for just one day. All of our dumpster rentals include a one week period, but we can easily work around your project's needs.
Yes, we provide dumpster rentals in Marlborough, MA. I recommend the 14yd dumpster for your pre-moving house clean-out project.
We can deliver your dumpster under wires and branches with as little as a 12 foot clearance.
Yes, we can! We specialize in placing dumpsters in tight spots like your narrow driveway. All of our equipment is built to be residential friendly.
Yes, we can place the bin wherever is most convenient. The design of our residential friendly dumpsters allows us to place then snug up against your home & close to your project at hand. Protective boards are placed under every dumpster rental to ensure that your property is free from any damage. We will even sweep up the area around the bin to make sure no stray nails are left behind. Click here to see how our residential friendly dumpster rental system works!
The only items you cannot put into the dumpster are hazardous waste materials or liquids. There are certain household items that have a small recycling cost to dispose of. You will be provided a full list of what these recycling items are, and the cost for each, on delivery of your dumpster rental.
Yes, as long as the paint is dried first. If you have water-based paints, you can add kitty litter to the can to dry it out.
Yes. We can accommodate your timeframes and be flexible when scheduling your rental to best fit the needs of your project.
Our largest bin is a 20 yard, but here are a couple of suggestions. We can provide you with 2 of our 14 yard dumpsters, which we can place on your property in two different spots as a convenience. Or, we can drop one bin onsite and when it's full, come out to replace it with an empty one right away.
For a household clean-out project we recommend our 10 yard or 14 yard dumpster, depending on the various items you are looking to dispose of. Give us a call, and we will be happy to hear about your upcoming project, and recommend the best dumpster size for you. Click here to see the various dumpster sizes we carry.
This means that you should not overload the container above the very top of the dumpster. Every dumpster has to be tarped and transported, and regulations require that nothing protrudes above this point.
No, you do not need to be home for delivery, or pick up. On reservation of your rental we will take placement instructions. This will allow us to drop the dumpster in the designated area of your choice without anyone needing to be onsite. And, we will be out as scheduled for pick up, just make sure nothing is blocking the area around the bin.
We usually only require 24 hours notice to schedule out a dumpster rental. If you call early enough in the day, sometimes we can even deliver same day. Our 10 yard dumpster is great for smaller household remodeling projects.
We service to all of North Central Massachusetts, and beyond. Give us a call or contact us online and we will provide you with a quick, hassle-free quote for your next junk removal project. Click here to Contact Us Online.
Depending on the size of your roof, we can provide you with either our 10 yard or 14 yard dumpster. If you know how many square feet the project is, we can best provide you with the ideal dumpster size.
On our Order a Dumpster tab on our website you are able to submit information and request a reservation for a dumpster rental. We then contact you from that information to gather additional details such as placement instructions & payment info, and confirm your reservation. Click here to order a dumpster for your next project.
The best place for your rental is on your driveway that we protect with our insured Property Protection system to keep scratches away and your driveway looking brand new.
All of our dumpsters have double back doors for easy walk in placement.
Our driver's schedules change frequently depending on demand and availability. Your bin can be delivered at any time throughout the working day.
Yes, you can. All you need to do is call at minimum 24 hours before your scheduled pickup date to extend your rental out at a daily rate.
Our trucks and bins are built to be residentially friendly. If you can park a minivan in that spot, you can place our dumpster there.
Any overage is paid at a prorated rate, which means you only pay for the fraction of tonnage you exceed.

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